Saint-Gobain in Malaysia

Saint-Gobain has been present in Malaysia since year 2000. Currently, two of its strategic Sectors, namely the Innovative Materials Sector, comprising Flat Glass and High-Performance Materials, and the Construction Products Sector, are active here.

With three Manufacturing sites in Malaysia, the group is active in several market sectors and offers Malaysian customers a diverse variety of solutions, ranging from automotive and building glazing, to abrasives products, including ceramic materials, high-performance plastics, plasterboards and industrial mortars.

Saint-Gobain in Malaysia continues to lead the market trend by bringing forward innovative solutions and driving its Sustainable Habitat initiatives or solutions in the hope of creating better living & working spaces and care for the environment. 

Saint-Gobain currently employs more than 250 people in Malaysia and in 2015 generated revenues of over Euros 60 million.


  • Weber plant


    • SG Weber changes company name to Saint-Gobain Weber Malaysia Sdn bhd: Industrial mortar


    • SG weber (Puncak Alam): Industrial mortar


    • SG PPL's first presence in Malaysia: High-performance plastics
    • SG Glass (green field plant): Glass processing
  • Gypsum Plant


    • SG Ceramic Materials (Penang): Innovative organics


    • SG Sekurit (Petaling Jaya): Auto glass
    • SG Weber: Acquisition of Manewtech-Belle Sdn Bhd, Industrial mortar


    • SG Gypsum: Acquisition of BPB, Plasterboard


    • SG Abrasives (Petaling Jaya):  Grinding wheel
  • KLCC Twin Towers
    The Idea House
    Paradigm Mall
  • IB Tower, Jalan Binjai
    Impiana Hotel, KLCC
    Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jalan Imbi
    VE Hotel & Residence, Bangsar South